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Lead Generation / Co-op Campaigns

Many firms have started and stopped lead generation campaigns because they were frustrated with the results, or they were unable to agree on how to measure the programs’ impact on sales. TBD works with its clients to reach an agreement on how to measure a program before it is launched. These measurements may include more than just first-time transactions, which is always at least one metric. Other measurements may include lifetime value of an account or likely annual sales run-rate of a business site. Value of clean and up-to-date contact information of decision makers may also be factored into an ROI analysis. In the end, a program should be measured on multiple data points, while immediate sales and margin revenue will always remain the primary metric.

The most important measurement is the most obvious: Do the sales teams want the campaign to continue?
One of the most important loyalty metrics used in the B-to-C market space is the question, “Would you recommend our product or service to a family member or friend?” Likewise, as far as TBD is concerned, the most important question for the continuation of a campaign is whether or not sales teams want the campaign to continue. An even more critical question may be, “If your sales team had to pay for the lead generation program out of their budget would they?” In TBD’s experience, sales teams answer “yes.”
While the output of lead generation campaigns is obvious: well-qualified leads to the sales teams, the inputs of such a campaign is less tangible. The process of delivering offers to target accounts involves many moving parts, most of which employ the art of marketing more than the science.

On the flip side, too many ad agencies (and inside marcomm teams) view marketing communications (“marcomm”) as the end in itself of a B-to-B campaign. It’s when the complete loop of activity of the Marketing Wheel is kept in focus that marcomm is appropriately viewed as a means to an end.

Creating marcomm with the outcome in mind (leads that result in sales) centers the mind for all creative inputs. The offers have to be compelling presented; the calls to action have to be clear and enticingly repeated throughout a given piece of mail or web page, and the brand has to be accurately reflected.
The marcomm is effective only when the creative team has been given clear and thorough input as to what the technical features are for a IT firm’s products and services, spelling out the advantages to the users.
Most IT companies know their products and services quite well and can give plenty of examples of their benefits. The ability to translate that information into a mail campaign or Internet marketing program is another story entirely.

TBD works with its in-house resources as well as its strategic alliances to make sure every client’s story is told well by first crafting, and revising if necessary, the input to the creative talent. By first telling a client’s story to its own team, the marcomm produced is best able to generate the leads necessary for success.
To match TBD’s lead generation campaign experience, the firm has a full complement of trusted alliance partners to help with the execution of any program, ranging from some of the best database compilers and marketing database teams in the country to the most capable creative talent and competent outbound telemarketing services.

Lastly, TBD’s experience in the IT industry includes recruiting record-setting levels of co-op marketing dollars for its clients (see case study). The management team at TBD believes there’s a latent amount of co-op marketing funds that too often go unused or, worse, get taken disproportionately by your competitors. A significant amount of a campaign’s cost can be offset by co-op marketing funds. TBD’s capability to merchandise your campaign to potential co-op marketing partners can help get you the MDF funds you need to have a successful lead generation campaign.

Of course, every lead generation program is unique to the business for which it is designed. Our estimates for the programs therefore vary to each client’s market situation. Call or contact us today so we can begin scoping an appropriate program for you.