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Hunter Sales Teams

With backgrounds in sales for IT hardware and managed professional services, TBD executives have managed sales teams with annual quotas well above $100 million. To that end, TBD has contacts of high-performing sales makers, who are open to taking on new opportunities. These “flex” sales resources can be brought on at TBD to work exclusively on acquiring new accounts for your business, either as field-based Account Executives or inside sales teams “in-sourced” at TBD.

The leadership team of TBD has been fortunate to have worked with some of the most talented sales persons in the industry. TBD knows the warning signs for those who won’t make it and the common traits for those sales makers who will consistently overachieve on their number.

As part of its services in database management and executing a lead generation campaign for an IT-related business, TBD will continue to provide services through the rest of the loop, adopting major roles in the sales process. By helping to staff, manage and sell products and services for IT-related businesses, TBD can be counted on as an active participant in achieving higher sales goals for your business.