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Database Management & Targeting

Everyone knows that to be efficient in marketing you have to begin with clean data and up-to-date analytical tools. Most experts cite the importance of data and response modeling for B-to-C campaigns. However, few appreciate the critical nature of database targeting for B-to-B lead generation programs, which can succeed or fail as much as any B-to-C campaign on the precision of their targeting, or lack of it.
The importance of data at the beginning of a campaign is an especially overlooked discipline for high-tech firms. Why? Because data for B-to-B programs in the IT industry is often assumed to be the same as with all other industries, and all are thought to be derivative of their B-to-C cousins.

All share a desire to emulate B-to-C campaigns by getting as much reach as possible. Hence, quantities are pursued at the expense of ROI.

In fact, B-to-B and B-to-C campaigns are completely different, and lead generation programs for IT firms require talents and disciplines that are simply not “in scope” for other B-to-B campaigns.
Instead of trying to be like B-to-C campaigns by trying to grab as much circulation as possible, B-to-B campaigns for IT firms should concentrate on the size of each record. The focus should be on getting as much useful information as possible for each site before any communication dollars are spent. It’s not the circulation that matters, it’s the amount of information compiled for each site that counts.

This database challenge for B-to-B campaigns in the IT industry rises with the need for business intelligence to be married with sales integration. This portfolio of business intelligence might be appropriately purchased from Dun and Bradstreet, Info USA, Harte Hanks, and other business record compilers, but assembling externally purchased data is just the first step. It’s the information captured with each successive cycle in the marketing loop that will enhance a B-to-B program’s ROI.

Either a very good CRM tool exists for the sales teams, or an IT company has done a great job at analyzing the business intelligence of all corporate entities related to their customers and prospects. TBD rarely sees IT companies put both data strategies in place at the same time.

The synergy of having great intelligence at the business-site level coupled with easy-to-use tools to gather contact information from sales makers increases the flow of opportunities into the sales pipeline.

Of course, all customer and prospect opportunities are enhanced by delivering relevant sales offers to the right contacts. This fundamental aspect of the database should never be glossed over. However, TBD has seen marketing teams stop too often at this stage of marcomm production when a campaign kicks off. Instead, the marketing team should always be mindful on what happens to the prospect data inside the sales organization once the B-to-B campaign is launched and completed. For lead generation B-to-B campaigns to reach their maximum ROI in an IT sales environment, data for marcomm is just the first consideration. It’s the other contacts with the data “in the loop” that makes or breaks a campaign’s success.