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With several principals of Gulf Direct coming out of the “high-tech” sector, it was only natural for the firm to embed within it a business unit dedicated to working expressly for the IT industry. Hence, the “Technology Business Direct” Group (TBD) of Gulf Direct was born. This team is focused on delivering meaningful and measurable results to the sales and marketing efforts of system integrators, hardware manufacturers, software developers, and service providers. Along with specializing Gulf Direct’s marketing services to generate leads with “plays” geared to the IT sector, TBD also provides services to help develop inside sales teams and provide hunter sales resources. With TBD, Gulf Direct can work as a virtual sales force to achieve an actual sales number. By coordinating their efforts directly with activities that are part of repeated “cycles” of the Marketing Wheel, TBD’s sales staff will put its extensive sales experience in IT equipment, software and services to work for you.



Why TBD?

The IT industry is like no other that exists today or, for that matter, has ever existed in our economic history. Not only is it constantly changing; it’s also still in its infancy, being the youngest industry to reach $1 trillion in annual sales revenue.

Taken as a whole, the IT industry is kind of like having a 5’11” ten year old boy, who runs the 100-yard dash in less than 10 seconds and who already scores at the top of the SAT. As much as you’re amazed at the performance of the child today, you’re left in awe at the thought of what he might do when he grows up.
To follow the Gordon Moore quote above, the technology behind the IT industry sets the pace for the sector as a whole. Every business is affected by the prediction he made in 1965. Moore’s Law isn’t just about the number of transistors put to use on a processor; it’s a defining expression of our age: Keep up or be left behind.

Gulf Direct formed TBD because to be truly effective for IT-related companies, a sales and marketing company has to be more than just proficient in the tactical aspects of sales management and direct marketing. It’s not enough to be good in lead generation, database management and the creative arts of marketing communications, much less the more complicated but critical arena of managing sales teams. None of these competencies alone, or even taken together, will move a company from “good to great.” You need more.

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Why the IT Industry is Different from All Others

It's a peculiar feature of this technology: That by making things smaller, essentially everything gets better. The transistors get faster; you can put more of a system on a chip, so you can increase a sytem's reliability and performance that way. But more importantly, it gets cheaper... The important thing is not to be left behind. Because then you're not only at a performance disadvantage you're at a cost disadvantage too. So that drives the industry. - Gordon Moore - Founder of Intel