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B-to-C Campaigns

Before starting his corporate career, Gulf Direct’s founder, Kevin Burnette, worked principally in the consumer “database marketing” marketplace. It’s there that he developed his skills and knowledge in cleansing and handling databases, as well as assisting companies in selecting their highest-value prospects for direct mail.

Since Gulf Direct was founded, Burnette and his team have re-entered the business-to-consumer (B-to-C) marketing space, conducting campaigns for small and mid-size firms as well as large publicly-held companies. Circulations have varied in these campaigns from as few as 10,000 to as many as 5 million pieces or more.

Gulf Direct’s database services were used in most of these B-to-C campaigns as well, including the production of profile and response models.

Typically, Gulf Direct manages the projects all the way through the creative process, making sure the offers, calls-to-action and core value propositions are well communicated throughout the campaign. These campaigns also increasingly involve Gulf Direct’s Interactive-marketing services to create mini-websites, jump pages, PURLs or full-fledged websites.

Both Internet-based and call-traffic metrics are usually employed by Gulf Direct’s clients to measure response, along with match-back sales analysis. Clients frequently ask Gulf Direct to measure the return on investment of their B-to-C campaigns, for which Gulf Direct was engaged to manage. Gulf Direct prefers to participate in this aspect of B-to-C campaigns as a working partner with its clients. With Gulf Direct’s involvement in database construction and data preparation, the firm can easily assist clients with accurate ROI analysis for each “cycle”.