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B-to-B Campaigns

This is where the principals at Gulf Direct started their corporate careers. With over 30 years of direct marketing experience, the principals at Gulf Direct have been responsible at one time or another for every aspect of business-to-business (B-to-B) campaigns. In some situations, they’ve managed all inputs of an integrated B-to-B campaign, while in other cases they may have, for example, fulfilled only database consulting work.

On the data side, Gulf Direct has led teams that have consolidated and normalized massive databases taken from order management systems, which were then appended with business-intelligence information and prospect data. With the improved targeting, the promise of well-executed B-to-B campaigns was routinely achieved: Higher response rates.

Although the creative input in B-to-B campaigns is reasonably thought to be less important than targeting and offer development, Gulf Direct’s philosophy is that art design and copy are too often discounted to an extreme degree. Gulf Direct puts more of an emphasis on those inputs than some other B-to-B campaign management firms.

High-achieving B-to-B campaigns have the common characteristic of insightful and informative product input to art directors and copywriters, who are then better able to convey the client’s value proposition. Marketing communications (“marcomm”) should both entertain and inform the reader, regardless if the medium is direct mail, online messaging or a “door-opener”.
Gulf Direct knows how to deliver the content that makes an impactful difference to your prospects and customers.

Going hand in hand with their focus on the construction and maintenance of databases, Gulf Direct is also experienced in setting up, and working with, CRM solutions. These tools allow for more accurate measurement and ROI analysis of campaigns; they also help campaigns to be more aligned with sales teams.

Gulf Direct enjoys the professional excitement of being directly involved in the sales integration aspect of B-to-B campaigns. If B-to-B campaigns aren’t connected to sales, and appreciated by a company’s top sales performers, what good are they?

After constructing or enhancing a database for the purpose of improved targeting, sales integration is the most important ingredient to ensuring success of any B-to-B campaign. By coupling that collaboration with effective creative communications, Gulf Direct can deliver the success your company is looking for in its next B-to-B campaign.