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Database Management Services

Gulf Direct has experience in building prospect and customer databases from scratch as well as standardizing and appending existing ones with external data sources. Whether your target audience and customer files are business-to-business (B-to-B) or business-to-consumer (B-to-C), Gulf Direct can help you drive incremental sales by making sure your database is maximized for effectiveness.

Firms that have established their competitive advantages in the marketplace have quite often created those advantages with cost-effective marketing. Put simply, firms who “win” are those who retain their customers and acquire new ones at a lower cost, executing marketing campaigns with higher response rates. A common characteristic of these firms is their ability to capture contact information more effectively than their competitors, regardless if the companies are brick-and-mortar retail, fleet-service (B-to-C) companies, or businesses who sell to other businesses.



Gulf Direct helps its clients capture, upload and update customer and prospect information in their respective marketing databases. The challenge for many businesses is the actual exporting of customer information from their order management systems. Regardless if your order system is windows-based or proprietary, Gulf Direct has most likely seen a situation similar to yours. We’ll find a solution by working with one of our strategic alliance partners, whom we will deploy according to their specialty and your business need.

If you run B-to-C campaigns and already have home addresses, we can match those records back to demographic data in order to help you better understand your customers. If you have a retail operation, we can work with your credit card company to get non-financial contact information captured from your processor and then append the appropriate business intelligence to each record. If you sell to other businesses, we have extensive experience in building B-to-B prospect and customer marketing databases (see case study); we can easily do the same for your company.

The number one challenge with a business-to-business campaign is the data. Consumer data is updated in the marketplace much more frequently than business information. Also, there are more confirming data events with consumers than with businesses. Quite often, marketing data for a business is updated - at best - once a year, whereas consumer data is usually updated once per month.

Also, business data is unwieldy. Every day brings the data challenge of firms selling, merging, or going out of business. In fact, almost as many firms start up each year as those that close down, according to the Small Business Administration. (See U.S. Business Data Profile)

There are several data sources for B-to-B campaigns, but the best data will always be what your own programs generate. Firms like Dun and Bradstreet are excellent sources of business-site data for large public and private firms. Today, however, more and more businesses want to sell to medium and small businesses, as well as specific business units of larger firms. Depending on the goals of your B-to-B programs, Gulf Direct will tailor the data append and purchases of external lists to get your target database ready for launch.

Compiling your own database with customer lists is the best starting point for B-to-B campaigns. From there, campaigns should generate new contact data with each “cycle” of the campaign, injecting more and more prospect data with each “loop cycle”. In effect, your campaign should clean contact and business site information as it generates leads to your sales teams, essentially paying for itself as you develop the best prospect list among all of your competitors. Outbound Telemarketing (OTM) can play an important role in generating leads as well as cleaning prospect data. As the case study shows, Gulf Direct has plenty of experience in managing all inputs, from sales team integration to outsourced OTM services, to ensure your B-to-B campaign’s success.

The lack of frequently updated compiled data for businesses frustrates many sales teams. They expect sales information to be correct – all the time. Accurate contact information of decision makers is especially hard to come by in the B-to-B campaign world. Setting the right expectation for the sales team as the campaign begins operation is crucial, just as the benefit of exceeding those expectations when up-to-date contact names become the norm after several cycles of the loop. Helping to integrate clean data with sales teams is also why we work with some of the best CRM solution providers in the country to help relieve this frustration of “closing the data loop” for our clients.

Here is a complete rundown of Gulf Direct’s Database Management Services:

  1. Database construction for B-to-C or B-to-B marketing environments
  2. Data modeling for B-to-C campaigns
  3. Profile models
  4. Response models
  5. RAD Coding of B-to-B Databases
  6. Standardizing Database for Parent/Child Corporate Relationships
  7. Coding of file for Level of Engagement per Account
  8. Retention Accounts
  9. Development Accounts
  10. Database Maintenance
  11. Data Entry Services
  12. Personalized Mail Production Services